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14,328% Increase In Growth

Backstory of this client

20.8 Lakhs this year with a 14,328% increase in growth compared to the previous 12 months. This is an Ecomm client who is quickly becoming the industry leader in the organic beauty niche specifically. They started with us in October of 2019 and since then we’ve been able to help them go from 0 to this level and we’ll cross the 50 lakhs by mark in 2022. The reason we’ve helped this client ramp to such high numbers in a short period of time is because prior to working with us, they had no machine in place that enabled them to predictably spend x and generate (x*2,3,4,5). They were shooting in the dark when it came to advertising which severely limited their growth and harmed profit margins. Once we came onboard, we straightened out their sales funnel and offer, implemented deep platform strategies and cohesively combined them into 1 amazing scaling operation

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